Ion-select not working with ion-tabs

I was planning to use ion-tabs as a decorative element in my application, w/o its router integration. However, putting it on the same page with other elements was breaking those elements. For example ion-select stopped working completely – no dropdown was available. I found the following solution: the ion-tabs block should be placed inside ion-footer, … Read more

Serverless An error occurred: XXX – Resource of type ‘AWS::Lambda::EventSourceMapping’ with identifier ‘YYY’ did not stabilize..

I’ve started using SQS-driven functions in my Serverless project and immediately got the error in the title during every deployment. The solution is to give more permissions to the user that is used for deployments: Note the * symbol. The rule covers a number of lambda permissions ending with “EventSourceMapping”.

Authorize.Net Unexpected token ! in JSON at position 0 hostedPaymentReturnOptions

When you configure the Authorize.Net Accept Hosted form, you might get the “Unexpected token ! in JSON at position 0” error b/c of malformed URL in the hostedPaymentReturnOptions parameter. To fix that I had to: Stop using “localhost” in the URLs. Apparently Authorize.Net doesn’t like that and throws an error. Escape ampersands with encodeURIComponent().

AuthorizeNet Webhook Stopped Working

All of a sudden a webhook in my Authorize.Net sandbox account stopped working. After some investigation, it turned that the hook became inactive in its settings. Here is how that happened: I registered a webhook and pointed it to a temporary postbin URL for testing. I triggered the webhook a few times during a few … Read more